Mental Health Importance

‘A clear distinction is often made between ‘mind’ and ‘body’. But when considering mental health and physical health, the two should not be thought of as separate.’ – Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health isn’t linear. With it being mental health awareness month I thought that there is no better way to start my mental health blog than to focus on the overall importance of mental health and why raising awareness is important to me.

Mental health influences your physical health and physical health influences your mental health. There is so much available help for physical illness. If you break a bone you go to the hospital, if you have an on going ear ache you go to the doctors or if you have tooth ache you can go to the dentist. While it is extremely important to take care of your physical health, it is just as important to take care of your mental well-being. I think it is important to stop seeing these as separate and start embracing them as having a joint impact on us. For me, this point hit me hard. I’ve suffered from chronic back pain for years and always believed it was the result of physical damage. However, when going to physio I was told that I have very tense muscles as the result of high stress levels which meant that I had to reach out for help at student well-being. Once there, I was informed that they believed that my high stress levels were the result of high anxiety levels. Looking back this made a lot of sense and made me realise how powerful minds are and it’s influence over our bodies.

I realise that there is help already available out there for mental health. You can go to the doctor to get diagnosed, there are mental health charities out there such as MIND and there are mental well-being advisers in education. However, unlike getting help for physical health there is still a negative stigma surrounding mental well-being, impacting decisions as to whether to reach out for help. Therefore, this blog is to help in any way possible to help tackle the stigma through the awareness of mental well-being. I aim to do this through sharing my own experiences and journey, sharing other peoples journeys (please send me yours if you wish to share it), talk about techniques that have helped me as well as discuss influences of the stigma.

What do you think are the best ways that we can reduce stigma and raise mental health awareness?


  1. 💕&🎆 ur way.
    I think as much we can make people come out with their stories and share their success and coping strategies, the better. This we can do by sharing our personal stories and the best way to do tjis is through writing, because talking about it will take time.

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  2. Welcome to WordPress and thank you for following me. I shall follow you have as soon as I leave this comment.

    Talking about it certainly has to be done and I wonder, unless it’s done already, that there should be discussions in Secondary schools. It shouldn’t be taboo.
    In the workplace, there are supposedly laws to protect us, but I don’t think it’s good enough, because those that create these laws are not in the workplaces observing 24 hours a day, making sure it’s been followed. People are still losing their jobs, or just not being treated fairly.
    My last job, they were never approachable. They only made out to be approachable when you came back from sick leave. They were never approachable before, or after.
    But where I work now. Totally the opposite. They are brilliant.

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    • Awh thank you – that’s so sweet 🥰

      That’s a great idea. I know that in my secondary school there was only two sessions regarding mental health a year and it was only for those who were already receiving help.
      There definitely needs to be something else in place. I’m still studying at university so I haven’t yet experienced a full time job but I have seen the toll it can take on people and the lack of resources there is to help them.
      That’s it thought isn’t it- the people you go to for help need to be approachable and take an genuine interest in you. I’m so glad that your new workplace treats you well and you can talk to them!
      Considering we spend our lives in education then work, it seems ridiculous that there isn’t the support needed yet x

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      • Yes, work places need to be more approachable, because we are there for most of the time. So it’s important I think and certainly needs to be in place.

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  3. This is so important! One thing I really want to implement at my mental health service (originally a Mind charity but now its own organisation) is psycho educational groups for friends and family of people struggling. I think people fear what they don’t understand, so if we can teach them the reality of mental illness and debunk the stigma then I think that would help.
    Great post! -L x

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  4. Welcome to WordPress! I am new here too and my blog also aims to reduce the stigma around mental health issues! I think the best way to do this is with more discussion, the better informed people are on these issues the less stigma they will carry! Good luck with this blog- I am now a follower!

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  5. I believe people should be encouraged to tell their stories, to speak up about their problems and share their emotions. What you do is amazing! I hope more people will read your posts amd be inspired. I suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and I know the struggle. I wish people could understand better that mental health is so important! 💗


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