Mental Well-being: A few techniques

Time to talk well-being.

My brother sent me the following message and it really spoke to me:

Make sure you treat yourself right, eat well, sleep well and relax (going for walks around the field are very good – being around nature!) Don’t be ‘on’ all the time and remember to switch off. Also, looking at electronic screens too much can make you feel s***, so if you feel it, take a break, go in the back garden with a cup of tea and a blanket – don’t have any work and just relax for 20 mins – 30 mins.’ – My brother (2019).

While there is not usually a quick fix for mental health, there are some ways to help your overall well-being daily.

I can not stress enough how important it is for us all to take a break and breathe in some fresh air. Sometimes you might feel too overwhelmed to take a break because so much is going through your mind, but, it is critical that you try.

‘Exposures to outdoor environments have great potential to be protective factors for the mental health of young people’ – Piccininni, Michaelson, Janssen & Pickett (2018)

Nature can have such an impact on your mental health. Aim to spend some time outside, maybe go for a walk, visit a park or spend time in the garden. It has been linked to reduced chronic stress and improved concentration. If you do not feel up to spending time outside, then why not get some house plants.

One thing that really helps me is reading. If I am having a really bad day I will turn to a book as my great escape. Reading allows you to dive into a different world through other characters, allowing you to take a breather from what ever is currently troubling you. This is not me saying that it will work for everyone, I am just suggesting that it is worth giving it a go if you haven’t yet found a healthy way to cope.

‘Along with preserving cognitive abilities, exercise can also be a powerful tool for preserving mental health’. – Wright & Zhao (2018)

Another way to help your overall wellbeing is exercise. I have recently started using this method as well. It has been shown that even just the minimum daily walk can help improve your wellbeing. So, why not try and get yourself to talk a little walk or, if walking isn’t for you, then why not try circuit training or order some weights.

Thank you for reading this short blog post!

Please comment any other techniques you use to help improve overall wellbeing.


Piccininni, C., Michaelson, V., Janssen, I., & Pickett, W. (2018). Outdoor play and nature connectedness as potential correlates of internalized mental health symptoms among Canadian adolescents. Preventive medicine112, 168-175. 

Wright, V. J., & Zhao, E. (2018). Psychological and/or Mental Health Benefits of Maintaining Activity and Exercise. In Masterful Care of the Aging Athlete (pp. 25-29). Springer, Cham. 

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