Keeping busy

‘Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head‘ – HealthyPlace

While some thrive in the solitary of their own mind’s others struggle with their demons.

Being left alone with your thoughts can be scary at times. Some people struggle with unrealistic negative thoughts about themselves leading to emotional struggles. Sometimes facing these thoughts head on can help. One way to challenge your negative thoughts is to use a courtroom scenario. You could step back and take an outside perspective, weighing up real evidence for and against the negative thought.

However, sometimes the negative thought can become a blockade. If you have a negative mindset it can change your perception of the world, leaving you to dwell on thoughts that damages your overall well-being. It is so much easier to focus on our negative attributes, exploring our deepest insecurities, rather than spending our alone time focusing on our greatest qualities.

As such, when you can’t escape your negative thoughts it is useful to distract yourself. Perhaps you could go for a walk, clean or reorganise something. If it’s a frequent occurrence, why not take up a volunteer role somewhere? This will both distract you and provide a rewarding experience while also providing an opportunity to build new relationships. While it is important to face these negative thoughts head on and challenge them, it isn’t possible to always feel up to doing so. It’s okay to use the short-term solution of distracting yourself when you feel the lowest.

What do you do to distract yourself?
Do you like spending time alone with your thoughts?


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