Self-Care: Skin routine

There are many blogs focusing on self-care, self-love and positive vibes. I personally think that this is brilliant because it is too often that we focus on what is going wrong in our lives, what we do not like abut ourselves and what we wish we did different in the past. But blogs focusing on the self and positive vibes provide a forward and healthy path for all types of individuals to help improve their mood.

One big aspect of self-care that I have become very invested in currently is skin care. Having fresh, smooth, clean skin makes my feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to face the day and night. This might not be the case for everyone though. Some of you may already have fabulous skin and don’t need to add a new skin-care routine to your life and that is more than okay. There are so many other ways to look after yourself and make yourself feel good! However, for the rest of this blog post I will be focusing on my favourite night-time routine.

We have have days in which we go home from work or take a break from studying or take a break from working on academic assignments and just feel overwhelmed with stress or just life itself. This is normal. We can all feel drained and overworked which is why it is important to have a special something to make you feel better.

Personally, when it is the evening and I am feeling tired, stressed or worn down, I love to get out my NO.7 revitalising skin cleanser set. I thought that I would add a photo of the products I used below so that you can all have a better idea of what I am about to talk about:

NO.7 Radiant results skin care products – Taken from my instagram:
Please note that I purchased these as a bundle from Boots but I will add the links to each of these products individually at the bottom of this post.

So I am now going to go straight into my routine.

First, I dampen my face gently with some warm water to open the pores of my skin. I then apply about 2-3 pumps of the NO.7 Radiant results purifying foam cleanser equally over my face and softly massage some of it in. The foam cleanser is my personal favourite product because it feels weightless, yet it works like magic to remove any make-up that I wear. Make sure that you do not overload the amount of foam cleanser on your skin, otherwise you will end up look like a child who has seen bubbles for the first time in their life…

This is a child who clearly has a passion for bubbles.
Please note that this is not my child. This image was selected as the result of its reuse rights.

Once your face has an equal layer of the Radiant results revitalising foam cleanser, grab the NO.7 Radiant results revitalising sonic action cleansing brush and dampen the brush with a little bit of water. This brush is AMAZING! It has two settings. The first setting is a lighter cleanse which I recommend people with delicate skin use. The second setting, my personal favourite, provides a deeper cleanse. PLEASE make sure you choose the right one for your skin. Now gently rinse your face with some warm water.

At this point your skin should feel very clean and, lets be honest, you will probably look at the cleansing brush just to see how much dirt was removed from your skin. I’m not sure why but I find it super satisfying to see the dirt on the brush that has been cleaned from my facial pores – is this just me?

Okay so once I have cleansed my face, my next go to is the NO.7 radiant results revitalising toning water – wow that is a mouthful. This part is up to you because you can either gently pat some of this on your face (which I admit to doing) or you can use cotton pads/ a clean clothe to softly rub some of it over your face. Either way, your skin will feel absolutely gorgeous! This product really finishes the fresh feeling of clean skin and I promise that it never disappoints.

That is my daily skin-care routine in a nutshell. However, you might have noticed that there is a fourth product in the photo in this blog post – hmm, I wonder why? Well, the Instant results revitalising peel-off mask is not part of my daily routine as I use it every other day instead. I find that an everyday use is too overwhelming for my skin so it is more beneficial to use it every couple of days. This does not make it any less of a product as it is amazing at peeling off the stubborn bits of dirt in facial pores.

So, all in all, self-care is important to your overall mental health. My way of taking care of myself is to look after my skin. Find something that can help relax yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed – it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it works for you!

Here are the links to the products discussed in this post in case any of you lovely readers wanted to check them out:
Foam cleanser:
Sonic action cleansing brush:
Toning water:
Peel-Off mask:

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