Body Image: It’s time to love yourself.

‘Body image’ is a term that can be used to describe how we think and feel about our bodies. Our thoughts and feelings about our bodies can impact us throughout our lives, affecting, more generally, the way we feel about ourselves and our mental health and well-being’.
– The Mental Health Foundation

So, let’s talk body image.

Everyone I have ever come across has experienced trouble with their appearance. Whether it’s that they think their nose is too big, ears stick out too much or, the most common that I’ve come across, the belief that you are fat.

I’ve been there. I’ve hated my appearance too.

But, as I previously tweeted:
 ‘It’s okay to look different. None of us look the same. We need to stop comparing ourselves to each other, making false expectations about the way that we are meant to look. The differences in how we look is what makes us independently beautiful’.

Yes, there are things you can do to change aspects of your appearance, such as getting your ears pinned back or losing weight, but you will never be happy unless you accept yourself and your uniqueness. You won’t ever look identical to someone else and you know what? That’s okay. In fact, that is more than okay because it means that you are the truest you.

Confidence will not come straight away to many, but if it does then that’s brilliant. Most of us will need time to gradually build it up and that’s okay. Give yourself the time you need without putting pressure on yourself.

To some, building this confidence up seems impossible but I believe that you can do it. Start with the smallest first step you can think of and slowly build up. Maybe your first step is your ability to accept compliments, embracing them rather than dismissing them. Maybe try to think of one aspect that you like about yourself and focus on that. Build it up gradually until you realise what an amazing being you are.

Our bodies are different and that’s okay. It’s time for you to love yourself.

Here are some links where you can find support:
Young Minds:
Anorexia and Bulimia care:


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